POS System Solution was incorporated in 2015 with the mission to provide E-POS system for companies to manage their business operations more effectively. We are headquartered in Muar and with branch located at Petaling Jaya.  We mainly provide Sale & Services of Point of Sale (P.O.S) system, hardware & peripherals such as monitors, cash registers, scanner, receipt printer, thermal receipt paper roll, etc.

At POS System Solution, we offer some of the best POS system in the market suitable for most Small and Medium Enterprises that are highly affordable, easy-to-use software with customization options designed for general purpose, retail, restaurants, cafes and even appointment-based businesses, as we works through strategic partnership with some of the most renowned & trustworthy P.O.S system providers that are available in the market.

Notable Profile

Today, over 1,000 merchants in Malaysia have selected Pos System Solution as their preferred P.O.S system vendor & support service centre.With our extensive knowledge and vast experience in the P.O.S System market and backed with strong support team, POS System Solution has successfully gained trust from many well-known business establishments throughout Malaysia. Some of the renowned business conglomerates which include Rotiboy, TK Bakery, Tiger Sugar, Yomieu2019s Rice x Yogurt, The Loaf, Nippon Sushi, Wasabi, Pak Li Kopitiam and many more are current users and customers of POS System Solution!

Our Competitive Advantage 

POS System Solution presence is to help our customer's business to grow and flourish. We may not be able to guarantee that our products are 100% flawless and problem-free. Nevertheless, we emphasize greatly in after-sales service. By providing 24/7/365 round the clock after-sales service and support via phone, email and chat, we endeavour to solve the issues or problems related to the POS system to ensure that your business operations run smoothly and uninterrupted!

We are a solutions-oriented company and do not believe in mere hard-selling. Our aim is to provide system solutions that are suitable for our customers. The main mission is to reduce our customer's burden in running their businesses and settle trivial issues in day-to-day operations.


Our company vision is to assist businesses to flourish with solutions-oriented

Point of Sales (P.O.S) System.


Our Mission is to help our customers to reduce their burden and

settle trivial issues in their day-to-day operations.

If you are currently looking for a POS system that is capable to:

Improve Efficiency

Reduce Human Errors

Increase Profitability, and

Enhance Customer Service


About the Director - Mr. Gino

Our company Founder cum Director - Mr. Gino was born and brought up in a typical family in MUAR, Johor.  His family runs F&B business in the town.  Ever since graduated from High School, Gino has been helping his father to run the family business.  He has been helping with his fatheru2019s business for a couple of years and had witnessed how tough it was for his father having to toil and sweat and get things done all by himself due to the lack of resources and systematic approach.  Gino then moved to Singapore and was employed there for about three years. Upon his return from Singapore, Gino was introduced to P.O.S system vendor and came to know Point of Sale (P.O.S) System by coincidence.  

Knowing that POS (Point-of-Sale) system can do so much more than just a till in helping companies, enterprises and businesses in a myriad of ways, and Gino deeply understands how small and medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly with the assistance of an Point-of-Sale (P.O.S) system to perform repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks, so that the management and sales team can focus more on formulating sales strategies and interacting with customers, thatu2019s when the thought of setting up his own company started to ignite in Ginou2019s mind.  Gino then took the bold step to establish POS System Solution in 2015, a company which specialises in sourcing & providing E-POS system & solutions for companies to manage their business operations more efficiently.  

Gino is a diligent man and always take the extra mile to help customers to resolve problems. Soon his business started to expand and grow as he started to gain more trust from business partners and customers. Gino also leverages on his expertise and helped expanded his dadu2019s F&B business footprint through systematic approach.

Gino has always been an avid learner & entrepreneur.  He is not afraid of hardship, and always strive to break through and go against adversity. Under his leadership, POS SYSTEM SOLUTION is now thriving as a mature & well-established business.  One of Gino's greatest expectations is to continue to lead the company through competitive advantage and courage so that the company will remain resilient, risk-resistant and responsive to changes. 

                                    Mr Gino

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