Put the power in your customers’ hands

With the Zeoniq self-ordering system, your customers are in complete control of ordering and paying for their meals.

~One-stop solution for dine-in, pick-up and delivery orders

Using our self-ordering kiosk, table ordering device or QR code, your customers are just a few taps away from completing an order at your establishment or in the comfort of their own homes.

~Less room for error and waiting time

Order entry errors are prevented, and staff members can focus on serving food and beverages to patrons. When orders are accurate and service is quick, you get no less than a happy customer.

~Kitchen crew alerted upon receiving orders

When a customer places an order, a notification is sent directly to alert the kitchen crew. They will then proceed to prepare the meals immediately. Say goodbye to messy handwritten order chits.

~Monitor orders from delivery providers

Be it GrabFood, foodpanda or other delivery providers; you can keep track of order statuses on your store POS and sync your latest menu to display on the app with minimal hassle.

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