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Make it a course Dining

►Specially designed for restaurant runs afterpay mode - eat now, pay later. Your customer are free to add on any order before payment. FeedMe offers restaurant's owners a better ways to advertise to specific groups of customers

Order (Customers browse menu & place an order)

Enjoy (Enjoy meal and customer free to add on any order)

Payment (Payment made when customers finish their meals)

►Customer free to add on (When customer in afterpay mode restaurant, they usually make it in courses, hence customer have big probability to add on)

Better Service (Customer spend more time in afterpay mode restaurant, merchants provide better grade of service make customer have good impression to attract them become repeat customer)

Pay in advance Fast Food

►We support fast casual restaurants with pay in advance feature. Your customers make order, make their payments and grab their food. Pay in advance attract specific group of customers to consume.

►Order (Customers browse menu and place order (Order will directly send to kitchen printer))

►Payment (Customer will made their payment after finish ordering)

►Enjoy Meal (Customer grab & enjoy their food after payments have been received by restaurant)

Mobile Order Scan QR Code

►FeedMe POS System function as scan qr code to order that would achieve reducing labour expenses by more than 50%.

►Scan QR Code (Qr code available for every table and scan it to get menu)

►Browse menu (Menus show the completed details and description)

►Place Order (Place an order and it directly send to kitchen printer)

Cashless Solution

►A cashless economy refers to the kind of economy wherein most transactions are carried out in the digital format. You no longer need cash for making payments as there are several wallets, online payment, cards which can make things easier for you

►Terminal (Processing card payments such as credit card & debit card)

►Scanner (Mobile-based payment facility to enable funds transfer by scanning)

►E-wallet (Online prepaid account used to store money and make transaction)


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