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IRS Pos System


IRS Retail System

Retail operators struggle to serve their large customer numbers in the most efficient way and still keep them happy. With IRS Software’s Point of Sale (POS) System, you can be assured that managing your retail business will be much easier than before. Those days of mess and dis-organisation during busy festive periods will be long gone when you have a reliable, stable, smooth and with minimal disruptions like the IRS POS System.

IRS POS System is so versatile that it can easily handle continuous check-outs with great flexibility. While the customer is at the cashier counter, the cashier can use the system to seamlessly process discounts, coupons, vouchers and membership card programs among others. Your customers will enjoy faster check-out and your employees will thank you for speeding up their work. Think of it as an investment to keep your customers happy and to get them to visit your outlet again and again. Not only does IRS POS System speed up the check-out process, it optimises you to run your business even more smoothly at the back-office side simultaneously.

IRS POS System includes features for inventory management, invoice and quotation creation, sales report, commission calculation per staff, multi-store system, low-stock alerts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and many more.

IRS POS System enables you to do more because it is simple and effective, increases customer satisfaction and this will fuel business growth for years to come.

Retail industry always needs to be prepared for handling a huge amount of customers and transactions efficiently. IRS Point of Sale Software will help you to do this by facilitating customer checkouts and helping your business to manage huge inventory. IRS Point of Sale Software helps you track and maintain your Warehouse Inventory effectively. With IRS POS System, your back office management will be simple and effective just like our slogan- Ease your BUSINESS, Ease your LIFE.


Multi-Store Software 

IRS Multi-Store is a program that permits branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to Head Office for consolidation. IRS Multi-Store uses the internet for communication, making it inexpensive to operate. All branches’s data will be transmitted to head office every minute for consolidate.
(It mean user can view almost real time report for all branches.)



IRS F&B System 

IRS Restaurant POS System provides a perfect solution for the F&B industry, as we develop a system to help you manage your table plan, inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, reports, staff and etc. IRS Restaurant POS Software is easy to use, so your staff can be trained up in minutes. The software also enables stocks to be tracked down to the nearest measure. Keep track of your daily transactions with the POS system software, without having to worry about manually calculating the cash and items sold for the day. IRS guarantees efficient POS system software to assist in your F&B business, ensuring that everything goes smooth.

IRS F&B System provides a perfect solution for F&B Industry. We develop a system to help you on manage your table plan, inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, reports, staffs attendance, membership program, and etc. Besides, IRS F&B System are easy to use and your staff can be trained up in minutes, your stock can be tracked down to the nearest measure.