►Flexible Financial Reports

Customizable date range comparison lets you view your financial report in eg 24 months or more. Flexible Calendar year vs financial year reporting. SQL Account also supports multiple project comparison

►Unlimited level of GL Account

Create unlimited sub accounts and financial reports. View it in a summarize format or by sub account details

►Advance security document lock 

You can limit your employees’ access and control what they can do. For eg, Junior users are allowed to access cash book entry, but NOT documents with the selected keyword. For example, if the keyword is “director fees”, junior users will not be able to view the document.

►Easy Drill down to source documents

All our reports are built in with a smart drill down feature. Double click any figure in your financial reports, and you will able to see the detail of the source document

►Multiple companies consolidation account

Use SQL consolidation account to evaluate group companies financial performance without any hassle

Need a report?
SQL Account provide a comprehensive range of financial reports such as G/L Document Listing, Journal of Transaction Listing, Transaction Summary Listing, Ledger Report, Trial Balance, Receipt and Payment report, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet Statement.

Flexible Financial Reports


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